Hillary Clinton's Wacky Purple Sunglasses Rock At Swearing-In Ceremony (VIDEO)

Hillary ClintonThat Hillary Clinton, she's such an epic jokester lately. I feel like her cool factor has skyrocketed over the last few months. Legit -- I used to just think that Clinton was simply a woman who knew how to wear a pantsuit. Now, she's a woman in a pantsuit that makes funny jokes, and I adore it. Exhibit A: here's the Secretary of State addressing a crowd while rocking a funky pair of purple glasses on Thursday night. Holy peacock! It's Lady Hillary Gaga!

Of course -- there's a backstory: it was your average gathering of political types dawning American Flag pins at the swearing in ceremony for her Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs, Mike Hammer on Thursday night. Apparently Mike's fave color is purple, and Clinton felt that she had to be "appropriately attired" for the eve.

LOL! I think I have a girl crush. Watch her throw on the purple garb, here:


Here she goes:

First -- there was that whole 'Texts from Hillary' thing. Then, there was that hilarious letter to Jason Segel. Now, she's rocking a mask while making a speech?! Hills, you're my sort of political type.

I love that our Secretary of State can poke fun at her affinity for pantsuits. Who cares what Tim Gunn has to say, right?! Like Hillary's humor, I would like to think that her style is getting better with time. The Secretary of State knows what works for her, and she has no shame in rocking what she knows and feels comfortable in ... including a pair of funky purple glasses. A woman who knows how to accessorize a pantsuit? One after my own heart!

Now, if they only made those shades more of a coral tone -- they would TOTALLY be my speed.

What do you think of Hillary's fun glasses? Are you a fan of her personal style?


Image via AssociatedPress/ YouTube

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