5 Affordable Animal Print Accessories For a Fierce Fashion Statement

lionSometimes, I need to add a little pizazz to my wardrobe, like an accessory that screams Hey, notice me damnit! I could try colorblocking or even dazzle with sparkly nails ... but I need something a bit more fierce, you know? Just the perfect touch that shows that I'm not afraid to take risks and be bold -- like liquid courage just for clothes.

The kind of courage that only comes from an animal.

And no, I'm not talking about wearing an animal ... I just mean I need a little bit of oomph to help me strut my stuff like a ferocious feline ready to pounce.

Whenever I get the chance to don a print worthy to keep me in the pack, I do -- and animal print accessories are always my go-to.

So whattaya say ladies? Ready to ROAR?

Spice up your outfit with 5 of the fiercest animal print accessories around:

Do you wear animal prints? Do they make you feel bold?

Image via Leszek Leszczynski/ Flickr

  • Gap Haircalf Skinny Belt


    Image via Gap

    Draw attention to your svelte waistline with this cheetah print. This adds sass to any outfit and should be a style staple in your closet from now on!


  • Banana Republic Trina Turk Zazzy Zebra Scarf


    Image via Banana Republic

    Scarves are big year-round so there's no excuse not to buy into the trend. This zany zebra print is both a touch of old Hollywood glam and a sneak peek at your daring, style.

  • Urban Outfitters Elton Leopard Loafer



    Image via Urban Outfitters


    Loafers are perfect for spring, summer and fall -- so this three-season look shows you are both style savvy and practical. Wearing this chic print proves you're not afraid to crawl, climb or jump to get what you want.

  • Old Navy Chiffon Leopard-Print Top


    Image via Old Navy

    The leopard look is one that will never fade from fashion and you can really boost the wow-factor by adding a bright red pant or A-line skirt.

  • Forever 21 F0023 Round Sunglasses


    Image via Forever 21

    If you prefer to play it safer than some of the other cats in the kingdom, reach for a pair of specs with just a hint of hide. Now no one can question your animal instincts or your superior taste!


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