4 Cheap & Simple Summertime Tricks to Lighten Your Locks

girl in bathing suitCan y'all handle a biiiig secret? Well okay, here goes: in the summer I (gulp) don't spend a dime highlighting my hair.

Gasp! Frenzy! Panic!

Since the summer is jam packed with getaways, vacations, backyard BBQs, and festivals, I needed to cut back somewhere -- and my locks were the first to feel the pinch. Yes, it was heartbreaking, since I'm alllll about making my mane the main attraction, but nobody loves a bargain more than me ... seriously, NO ONE. So, I crawled the Internet for budget-friendly ways to lighten up my 'do.

All you need are a few kitchen staples, the sun, and your cutest swimsuit. Check out these four tips for highlighting your hair without a pricey trip to the salon.


Do you do anything to your hair in the summer? How do you keep your locks light?

Image via ...love Maegan/Flickr

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