4 Cheap & Simple Summertime Tricks to Lighten Your Locks

girl in bathing suitCan y'all handle a biiiig secret? Well okay, here goes: in the summer I (gulp) don't spend a dime highlighting my hair.

Gasp! Frenzy! Panic!

Since the summer is jam packed with getaways, vacations, backyard BBQs, and festivals, I needed to cut back somewhere -- and my locks were the first to feel the pinch. Yes, it was heartbreaking, since I'm alllll about making my mane the main attraction, but nobody loves a bargain more than me ... seriously, NO ONE. So, I crawled the Internet for budget-friendly ways to lighten up my 'do.

All you need are a few kitchen staples, the sun, and your cutest swimsuit. Check out these four tips for highlighting your hair without a pricey trip to the salon.

Do you do anything to your hair in the summer? How do you keep your locks light?

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  • Chamomile Tea


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    This one is a shocker, huh? Not only does the chamomile make you feel calm and relaxed, this easy-to-do recipe is a mash-up of all things good: yogurt, lavender oil, and chamomile. The creamy rinse is soft enough for all hair types yet packs a powerful punch. Repeat as often as is necessary.

  • Lemon


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    Not only are lemons cheap, they are fragrant and refreshing too! It's also the perfect poolside companion. Use fresh squeezed lemons or lemon juice, add water, and shake well to mix, then apply and let your inner goddess shine.

  • Swimming


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    Hope you plan to get wet this summer, ladies! The chlorine from the pool works as a natural softener, turning your dull strands into luscious, vibrant locks! An afternoon of swimming and tanning is good enough to get started, but extended time in the sun only makes the look glow!

  • Rhubarb


    Image via f_shields/Flickr

    If you're famous for your rhubarb pies, things are about to get even better! Pour this rhubarb-alicious remedy all over your head before settling down in the sun and prepare for a lighter, moisturized mane that glows all summer long.

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