Should 66-Year-Old Cher Be Wearing an Outfit Like This?

CherI think women at any age should be allowed to wear whatever they want to wear. It's not about the age -- it's about what looks good. There are many 20-somethings who wear skinny jeans who should NOT (they're not called "sausage jeans," y'all). And there are many 50-somethings who wear miniskirts who look GREAT. So why all the ageism? It's about what suits you, your image, your lifestyle, and your body.

So it's absurd when people get on Madonna or Cher's case for being "too old" to wear sexy styles. Jealousy, much? Take a gander at 66-year-old Cher in these tight black leggings and just TRY and tell me she is too "old" for them!

Cher stepped out at a movie premiere in Hollywood with her butt-hugging leggings, a black leather jacket, a floral scarf, and tinted sunglasses. She looked "amazeballs," as Rachel Zoe would say.

Is this "appropriate" attire for a woman who is almost 70? Who cares?! Now ... maybe if Cher had been wearing what Miley Cyrus was wearing the other day -- white Daisy Duke shorts that bared her buns to the world -- maybe that would inappropriate.

But not this ensemble. This is Cher. She's not some chair-rocking grandma with a blue rinse, a triple chin, and a belly down to her knees. Her outfit was appropriate -- for Cher.

Now, I will say one thing. The ass. It looks fake to me. I think she's wearing leggings with a built-in ass. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But that butt is verging on a Kim Kardashian derriere. I'm just not buying it. I think Cher should have pulled on some Spanx and let it fly.

Cher, you look fab. Haters gonna hate, girl!

What do you think about older women wearing revealing outfits?

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Sleep... SleepingBeautee

Looks like a fake ass to me too. But I will take Cher's tight pants over Madonna flashing her tits and ass everywhere!


Go Cher! Go Cher!

Torra... TorranceMom

They can do whatever they want as long as they don't mind looking like lunatics.

expat... expatalfa

She looks like Nadya Suleman. Which means Nadya looks like a 66 year old. And she's just done a porn flick. Oh dear...

dirti... dirtiekittie

as long as i don't see nipples, vagina, or more ass crack than a plumber in july, i couldn't care any less.


If she wants to.

right... rightside

They can wear whatever they want, and people can think or say whatever they want.  To me, women past 60 who dress like they're half their age always look a little sad and desperate, even if they're in great shape.  But I doubt they care what I think, just like I wouldn't care what they think.

nonmember avatar Cher News

It's Cher - even if people DID have a problem with what she was wearing - would she care? Surely, that's a good thing.

Shandi80 Shandi80

I suspect some chubby-thighism from the author.

"They're not called sausage jeans, y'all."

That was kinda rude, y'all. Especially if you're encouraging Cher to wear whatever she wants...

mompam mompam

I can not believe Cher has an ass that fat. No way! But she's Cher, she looks great in everything.

nonmember avatar Christine

I think if ya look good in it, not to confuse with slutty of pathetic, but any age, go for it. But remember, spandex is a privledge,not a right, so rock it IF you still can.

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