Jennifer Lopez Chops Off Most of Her Hair, Still Looks Gorgeous (PHOTO)

jennifer lopez casper smartJennifer Lopez can do just about anything and still look gorgeous. And the American Idol judge proved that when she chopped off all her hair. Well, locks of love length of hair -- we're talking inches and inches. Anyone with super long hair can attest that going from midway down your back to above your shoulders is a really big deal. It's shocking, actually.

Not only was the hair short, it was all-out curly. I wonder why she chopped it all off?


Maybe she just wanted a change. Maybe her hair has always been this short and we've just been seeing her with hair extensions in most of the time. Whatever the case, she rocks it. It's wild, a little '80s in a good way. I love this look on her. I kind of have the feeling that J. Lo rolls out of better looking hot, so long short, even shaved like her hottie boyfriend Casper Smart ... J. Lo and hair or no hair would still be living up to being one of the most beautiful women alive.

Short hair is still totally sexy. I couldn't do it though. I do have twins and I am also from NYC, but Ms. Lopez I can only wish I was. (Alright, I'll keep my life, but I could wish for some of that money and a stylist every now and then.) My long hair is like my security in some weird way. Plus, I already had that same 'do back in 1995, only with a bleach blonde streak in the front. Wasn't my best look. On Lopez though ... looks amazing.

And if you are confused on why Jennifer and Casper are in matching motorcycle jackets when most of the United States is in a heat wave, I was too. But the duo and Lopez's 4-year-old twins Max and Emme were in Chile. I guess it's chilly there.

What do you think of J. Lo's short hair?


Image via Splash

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