'50 Shades of Grey' Inspired Styles to Get You in a Sexy Mood (PHOTOS)

essie nail polishThe Fifty Shades of Grey books are taking over the nation in more ways than one, and if you're really a hard core fan, there are plenty of ways you can show off your obsession for the book by incorporating all things "Fifty" into your personal style. (Yes, I'm serious, and yes -- people are probably already doing this.)

And I'm not talking about getting all risque and walking around in your birthday suit (or some other erotic get-up) or anything like that. I'm simply referring weaving a little more "Grey" into your wardrobe -- even by doing something as simple as choosing a shade of gray nail polish for your pedicure. (C'mon, pastels are SO three months ago.)

The color pictured is "Cocktail Bling" by Essie, and it's described as a "precious pale grey jewel."

And if nail polish isn't really your thing because you're more of a natural gal -- take a look at the photos below for more ideas of how to give your style a chic and fun Fifty Shades of Grey makeover.

Have you added any gray to your style since reading the book?


Image via Essie

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Now you are REALLY grasping at straws when it comes to finding ways to fit "Fifty Shades of Grey" into every possible headline. The book is lame; grow up.

Jasmine Laurèn Hughey

At first I agreed with the people who would say if you don't like the book, don't read the articles and comment.  And so, I stayed away.  But now, I feel like I have to say something because it's getting quite ridiculous.

This is totally reaching.  Next thing you'll know, you all will be like, "Turn your man into Christian Grey and buy him some gray contacts!"  Seriously.  Enough already.  You're ruining the book for the few who actually enjoyed it by not shutting up about it.  It's like when your favorite song is played over and over again on the radio until you can't stand it anymore.  I come here to read a VARIETY of things.  So please, start writing about something new.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yea...What She ^^^ said.  Erotica existed before this book, you know....Why not showcase other (possibly BETTER) authors, at least! Sheesh O.o

Cathleen Meighan

eye rollingWrite something about the author Cat Johnson....anything but  more of Miss.. "um, er, jeez, down there"....

littl... littlelambe2

What they all said. It's getting annoying.

nonmember avatar meg

They need to change the name of this site to "we worship Fifty Shades of Grey".

Jenny... JennyG0929

ENough of the F'n 50 Shades Articles

nonmember avatar Zuri

Why don't you just come out with '50 Shades of Grey' period pads or vibrating gray pencils already. ENOUGH.

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