Turning Bad Hair Days Into Good Is Easier Than It Seems (VIDEO)

Nothing is worse than a bad hair day in terms of confidence. You can conceal a pimple or two, brighten those tired "my kids were up all night" eyes with makeup, or accessorize those unfortunate "I haven't had time to do laundry in days" outfits, but when your hair is bad, you're not going to be feeling good.

But there are ways (beyond the ubiquitous "mom ponytail") to bust a bad hair day. Sarah James shows you how in this edition of The Sarah James Show (video below the jump), with the help of CafeMom member Christin.


For random bad hair days, hair accessories are your friend. And it doesn't have to be all prom-ish and elaborate ... a ponytail elastic with a nice detail can make you look like you are making a deliberate style choice and aren't just hiding bad hair. A mom I know always uses a barrette or ponytail elastic with a flower attached, which looks so pretty and polished.

Sarah is also a proponent of hairspray. As a 1980s girl myself, I cringe. But today's light formulations don't make your hair crunchy and can boost volume and lock in a good style for longer. I only wash my hair every other day since it's dyed, and I have learned that a light application of hairspray can preserve all that styling effort for the second day.

For longer hair, she demonstrates the topknot ... easy, stylish, and keeps your hair from getting all sweaty. Just pull your hair into a ponytail on top of your head, twist it around on itself, and secure with an elastic around the base. Bonus: When you let it down, you get loose, soft waves.

Check out the video for more bad-hair day lifesavers.

What is your bad-hair day solution?

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