‘Glee’ Star Dianna Agron’s Latest Look Proves Even Stars Shop 'Cheap'

Dianna AgronIt's no secret: Dianna Agron is my biggest girl crush evah. I just love everything about her attitude, how adorable she is as Quinn on Glee, how great we look when we take pictures together, and most of all -- her style. I mean come ON, check her out in this flirty printed dress at an NYC summer party hosted by Coach. Nothing says "I'm here to have a good time" like wearing an impressionist painting on a dress to a party, right? Her accessories are so on point. The whole look is just so classy, so elegant, so ... Dianna.

The best part? This dress is semi-affordable and you can buy it online right now. Can you say cha-ching? Just wait until you hear where it's from:


Anthropologie! This Revisited Impressionist Dress retails for a decent chunk of money ($298, anthropologie.com) -- but come on -- that's chump change compared to an actual impressionist painting. The kicker: this one, you can wear multiple times!

I totally adore the fact that Dianna's rocking something out on the town that normal people like you and me can go grab on our own. Something a little more splurge-y like Kim Kardashian's snakeskin Louboutin boots? Yeah, not unless you want to take out a second mortgage on your house. Dianna's normal shopping habits just show off her totally down to earth side. Can't lie, though, I'm hoping her next showstopper is an eensy bit more affordable.

What do you think of Dianna's artsy dress? Would you wear it?


Image via Splash News

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