'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Cortese Shows More Than She Means To on the Beach (PHOTO)

Deena CorteseAnyone who's vacationing in Seaside Heights, N.J. this summer is bound to run into the Jersey Shore crew at one point or another -- but beach goers this week got a bit more than they bargained for after witnessing Deena Cortese having a major wardrobe malfunction smack dab in the middle of the ocean.

Geez! Can't this girl get a break? Between Deena's drunken arrest and unintentionally flashing everyone on the beach, it seems like she's run into a major bad luck streak.

(Or maybe all the extra attention is a good thing?)


Ok, back to the wardrobe malfunction. Judging from the pictures, it appears to have happened pretty quickly -- and I'm sure Deena was able to make a speedy recovery once she realized she had a major slip going on.

Here's how I'm assuming it went down:

One minute she was frolicking in the surf with the boys, and the next minute, a wave plowed into her -- and put her rear end right out there for the world to see.

Deena Cortese wardrobe malfunction

Oops! Realizing she'd almost lost her bikini bottoms had to be a little bit humiliating, but Deena shouldn't get too terribly bent out of shape. After all, a wardrobe malfunction like this could've happened to any of us. The ocean isn't exactly forgiving when it comes to tiny bikinis, and keeping your bottoms pulled up can be kinda tough while trying to fight the surf.

Of course, most girls don't have a bunch of camera crews documenting their every move while they're trying to enjoy a leisurely swim in the ocean. I guess having your bare butt captured on film is just part of the price you have to pay for fame.

Have you ever suffered a wardrobe malfunction in your swimsuit?

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