JWoww’s Face Looks, Uh, Different (PHOTO)


Let's just cut right to the chase -- something's up with JWoww's face. The Jersey Store star whose new show, Snooki & JWoww, premieres tonight, has been out and about promoting her new show with what appears to be a newly tightened visage. You'd think Snooki's growing baby bump would get all the attention, but I, for one, cannot stop staring at Jenni's countenance. What happened?


This isn't the first time JWoww's faced plastic surgery rumors -- when season four premiered in Italy, a lot of people were blown away by her transformation. She'd lost weight, gotten new boobs, and probably definitely had some Botox and fillers. Fact is, she looked great. Whatever she had done to her face was tasteful and actually enhanced her natural, pretty features.

This time around? Not so much.

Did she get a facelift? A brow lift? What is going on? All I know is that she's starting to look less like JWoww and more like Snooki. Maybe that's the season finale, Jenni admits that she wants to be Snooks and heads to Thailand for the head to toe makeover.

Either that, or JWoww can't stop, won't stop with the plastic surgery. I hear once you have something done, you already start planning what you're going to have done next ... maybe whatever JWoww had done before season four was some sort of gateway drug into the never-ending downward spiral of cosmetic procedures. If JWoww needs advice in this category, she should reach out to Lindsay Lohan. The two are about the same age (25 and 26) but their faux faces are starting to make them look older.

Some research shows that plastic surgery can be addictive ... hopefully JWoww stops while she's ahead. One minute you're getting fillers around your eyes, the next you're on the cover of People describing the 10 surgeries you had in one day.

What do you think of JWoww's supposed plastic surgery?


Photo via D Dipasupil/Getty

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