8 Best & Worst Celeb Wedding Gowns of All Time (PHOTOS)

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dressOther than the Oscars, a celeb wedding is the most glam event you will ever lay your eyes on.

From $650 bottles of champagne and 200-pound cakes to 30,000 perfect blooms, the stars usually go over-the-top when it comes to their "I do"s.

But the most important detail? The dress of course. They spare no expense for diamond encrusted lace or hand-beaded, 30-foot trains. That bride's aisle style is usually the most loved -- or hated -- part of the big day. Some do it right (that would be you Kate Middleton!) and some you know look back and regret that gown as much as the groom they have long since cut loose.

Take a look at the 8 best and worst wedding looks of all time.


Image via sevenyearitchs/Flickr

Brides who rocked it

Kate Middleton It's as though the entire world was waiting to see this dress. Well, it didn't disappoint. The Alexander McQueen creation, with its six-foot train, became an instant classic.
kate middleton

Grace Kelly No one signifies beauty better than this timeless screen queen. Her pearl studded dress was simply superb. It's even said to be the inspiration for Middleton's gown.

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Nancy Shevell Yes, I know. She is only a celebrity because she married one, but it still counts. The new Mrs. Paul McCartney's look (designed by her stepdaughter Stella) is the perfect example of understated elegance. She's proof you don't have to go overboard to look amazing.nancy shevell

Gwen Stefani Her Christian Dior gown with a dip-dyed train could have gone terribly wrong. But the savvy style rebel somehow made the splash of hot pink incredibly elegant.

Brides who missed the mark

Princess Diana I know, I know. It's Princess Di. She is a fashion icon ... for everything besides that massive, billowing monster of a dress. She's just lost in it. In a lot of ways, it represented her marriage to Prince Charles -- not the right fit.princess di

Christina Aguilera Too bad she's not a believer in less is more. The gorgeous bodice of that custom Christian Lacroix was totally overshadowed by the out of control train.

Kim Zolciak After all that hoopla surrounding her relationship and then engagement to Kroy Biermann, I expected more wow than WTF. This 32-pound Baracci dress -- covered with Swarovski crystals, pearls, beads, and embroidered lace -- had too much of everything.

Pamela Anderson Not that I expected her to be demure, but the swimsuit she slipped on to marry Kid Rock gave new meaning to the phrase "busting out." Though, it has it's fans. I am pretty sure it inspired Coco's choice for her vow renewal to Ice T.pam anderson

Bonus pic: Coco on her big day!



What other celeb wedding dresses do you love or hate?


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nonmember avatar TJ

Oh yeah, title doesn't match the number of gowns you present.

Zangr... Zangrilli

Grace Kelly is still my favorite - God was that dress gorgeous!

nonmember avatar mommyof2

vowel renewal, huh? awesomely written story

nonmember avatar vancitymom

Lol tj. I gotta say I wasnt a fan of any of these dresses. Including kate's! There, I said it.

nonmember avatar Deborah

Drew Barrymore's dress: horrible

Carol99 Carol99

Wasn't thrilled with Kate's gown.  Was just OK.  However, when I was a little girl I had a Cinderella Little Golden Book and the pic from the wedding scene dress was almost exactly the same as Kate's dress and the Prince was wearing the same red tunic as Prince William did.  Never liked Diana's dress either and I"m old enough to have watched the wedding.  Not impressed by Nancy Sherwell either.  Didn't really like any of the dresses u picked and never heard of some of those people.

nonmember avatar Kim

You guys might want to re-evaluate your sources for images. When I clicked on the link for Christina Aguilera's dress, a giant porn ad popped up. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to splash up on screen when you're browsing the net on your lunch break at work.

nicol... nicole2884

GWEN'S dress well always be my favorite 

Nj Eirojnkcin

I think most of these are awful especially Nancy Shevell I get she's older but a business suit?! I Loved Gwen's and Kate's but I am getting tired of the strapless. I think Drew Barrymore's is down right awful and one of my favorites that's not on here Katie Holmes'

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