Kristen Stewart Shows Us How Midriff Baring Is DONE

kristen stewartNoticing more tummies this summer, have you? It seems like ever since Gwyneth Paltrow wore that midriff baring Pucci dress almost a year ago, all we've been seeing since are slices of stars' stomachs. (Well, stars and all the women who shop at Urban Outfitters. I'm sorry. Have you been in that store recently? There's not a shirt in the joint that extends past one's navel.) But I digress. I'm not here to rant about charging $45 for half a top. I'm here to talk about Kristen Stewart at the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Huntsmen in Australia.

In a busy green and white Balmain gown, KStew shows us how midriff baring is DONE.


If you've ever wondered what a successful foray into the midriff arena looks like, search no further. Here Kristen shows us that less is more. We see only the tiniest little sliver of her torso, but it's enough. Any more and we would hate it, any less and we'd wonder why she went with such a dowdy dress.

The fit is also exquisite, a fact that cannot be under estimated when one decides to show one's stomach. Just ask Kim Kardashian. Her attempt at midriff display was foiled by an ill-fitting gown. It was too tight; KStew's is just right.

The lack of accessories is also a boon here. The only thing that catches your eye are her abs. There aren't any jangly earrings, obtrusive bracelets, or blinged out statement necklaces to compete with her sexy segment of skin. It does alllll the talking. As it should.

So next time you wanna show some tummy, consider the Kristen Stewart approach -- clean, simple, and understated. It works.

Do you like her dress?


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