6 Bright, Beachy Nail Colors You'll Sparkle In This Summer (PHOTOS)


nail polishI like my manicures to have a funky flare. Ladies, I hope you do too, 'cause this season's hottest hand trend is all about colorful nails!

Now that a rainbow of options are in, I'll gladly pass on the standard reds and pinks. My nails are sizzlin' in bright yellow, green, and orange shades that make me feel bold and beautiful. Hell, you know a trend has made its mark when the always fierce Kim K is jumping on board.

The Kardashian crew just launched their line Kardashian Kolors, with colors inspired by each of the girls (my fave: Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam). And boy are they preeetttty! With so many awesome color combos to try, I seriously can't wait to get my hooks into every hue!

But since the list of options is so long, we've narrowed it down to six spunky, sparkly colors that will jazz up your nails for summer:

What color are you wearing on your nails this summer?

Image via jfeuchter/Flickr

  • 'Action' by Essie


    Image via Essie

    Oh yes, it's tangerine-tastic! Seriously, what's not to love? Not totally a yellow, but not totally an orange, this bold and bright polish is perfect for your fun and summery mood. To make darker, try two coats or even three!

  • 'Disco Dolls' by Kardashian Kolors by Nicole OPI


    Image via Nicole by OPI

    A little sparkle goes a long way, ladies! Want to really make this look sizzle? Choose an 'accent nail' by just painting one nail with it and the rest in a solid color, or just use it to make all your nails shine.

  • 'Mezmerised' by Essie


    Image via Essie

    Cobalt blue is HOT this summer and now you can wear it all the time. It's bright, bold, and pairs well with almost every other color, so you won't have to worry about your nails clashing with your outfit.


  • 'Mojito Madness' by Essie


    Image via Essie

    The only thing that's more refreshing than this perfect shade of green is an actual mojito -- but more on that later. This bright shade is also perfect for your tots to try too, if they're interested in nail polish. It's young, fun, and totally spot-on for summer!

  • 'She's Picture Perfect' by Essie


    Image via Essie

    One part pink, one part purpley, a dash of glitter, and you've got yourself one awesome summery shine! This glamorous color is perfect for nails at any age -- and you can add a little extra drama by going over this shade with a glittery gold!

  • 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie' by Kardashian Kolors by Nicole by OPI


    Image via Nicole by OPI

    This is like the kitchen sink of confetti glitter -- everything you could ever imagine in one awesome shade! What a perfect way to make your nails really pop -- and look so delicious, too! With every color of the rainbow inside, how could you ever go wrong?!

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