Kate Upton Might Have the Sexiest Magazine Cover of the Summer

Supermodel Kate Upton is on the cover of this month's GQ. She sucks a red-white-n-blue popsicle while showing off her dangerous curves in an American flag bikini. I bet patriotic sorts who get up in arms about the colors being used for non-flag-like purposes won't complain about this!

Kate also caused a stir with her booby-bouncing "Cat Daddy" video, which has received an astonishing 7.5 million views (it's just a girl in a bikini, people!). Gisele Bundchen may make the most money in modeldom, but it's Kate who is getting all the attention.


Truthfully, Kate isn't quite my kind of model. I like a more unusual brand of beauty. But what do I know? I think men -- who Kate admits make up most of her "followers" -- are more into the Kate Upton type than the Kate Moss type. She's bouncy, blonde, fun-loving, and has curves for days. Quite a difference from the fashionable models of late with their ultra-skinny bodies and harsh features. A girl like Kate Upton is more Anna Nicole Smith (minus the hot-mess-ness) than Gisele Bundchen.

Kate is also a heavier model than has previously been popular. Compared to most Americans, she's a feather. But in the modeling world, she's an Amazon. I think the country wants to see a supermodel who looks like she's not above scarfing a pizza (and keeping it down!). We're tired of seeing teen models who look like they just escaped from some post-Cold War country, and are depressed, scared, and hungry.

Let's take another gander at Kate's "Cat Daddy" dance. She needs more views! (Not.)



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