The Way Robert Pattinson Orders Suits Really Turns Us On

Robert PattinsonThere's nothing I love more than a man who knows good fashion. You know, a studly guy that looks put together and, even better, smells amazing all of the time. Which is exactly why after checking out a recent interview with studly Robert Pattinson in GQ UK, my heart melts a little. The Twilight megastar told the magazine that he doesn't just loves clothes, but has a slight addiction to Gucci.

"You should definitely have good contacts at Gucci ... I always just request things two days before 'Can you send 25 suits?' I don't even know what I want to wear!"

Ha! What a big shot! I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and throw this out there: TWENTY-FIVE Gucci suits at his beck and call? Within two days time? Could it be that Rob is a little bit of a fashion diva?

OK OK, I guess everyone has certain brands and big names they just adore. For me, it's everything Michael Kors and Kate Spade. The brand that Robert Pattinson adores just happens to be uber expensive and super high-class. But heck, the man does look super dashing every single time he steps out on the red carpet ... also when he's shirtless ... and just about every single second of every single day. What a lucky guy.

Either way, I bet we all wish that we could have 25 of ANYTHING sent to us on a whim. I can hardly imagine someone showing up at my doorstep on a Friday night offering me 25 different outfits to wear. I'm pretty sure that's what they call heaven.

Keep rockin' the Gucci Rob. It's lookin' goooooood.

Do you think Robert Pattinson's a little bit of a diva? Do you have certain designers you just can't get enough of?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Delish

Everything Rob does is hot. He's yummy in gucci

Kathleen Ruhl

Just have to laugh about the "smelling great" comment. For anyone who's been following Rob over the years, he is known to also be an a la naturale guy and kind of grundgy in the hygiene department. I love that he goes both ways and is himself. The Gucci suits, part of his becoming more in the red carpet spotlight and afterall, he was doing modeling in his past. He looks great, is great and I love that he is just HIMSELF. Doesn't go to the beat of anyone else.

Amy Lynn Waldron-Garcia

I have heard he is stinky as well, and usually when you see him in magazines he is in jeans and a t shirt, no matter he's always hot, I do think the stinky part is a bit of a turn off though...

nonmember avatar Lyly

@Amy Lynn Fan that met Rob in a real life say he smells great. The sticky rumors have been created about every other Hollywood heartthrob like Pitt and others. It seems to entertain people.

Carrie D Kopp

By my memory, I think it was Kristen herself that stated he smells bad when she was asked what her least favorite thing about Rob was. But

Linsey Foxx

I guess if he was stinky/smelly he is not any longer seeing how he is now the new face/model for Dior!

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