6 Secrets to Shiny, Beautiful Hair You Can Find Right in Your Pantry (PHOTOS)

| Jun 19, 2012 Beauty & Style

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Ladies, I've got some hair envy. I want luscious locks like the "hair so healthy it shines" models on TV. And if I could afford to spend a small fortune (read: my whole savings account), every product guaranteed to give my hair a healthy glow would be mine. Alas, I live in this little realm called reality and that's not a possibility. Sheesh. Bummer.


But since I was dead set on having healthy tresses no matter my budget, I started checking out the ingredients on all those pricey products and whaddya know! -- they're your typical kitchen staples: apple cider vinegarbaking sodaolive oil, and eggs. Which can only mean (drum roll please) ... No. Unnecessary. Spending. OH YEAH!

I know you're thinking: Healthy hair at a fraction of the costCHEAP? AFFORDABLE? Well yup! Here they are -- the 6 simple kitchen ingredients that will give you the silky, shiny locks you've always dreamed about:

Do you have any remedies that help you keep your locks healthy and nourished?

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  • Mayonnaise & Egg Mixture


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    Hold the 'Eeewwws.' When you mix eggs & mayo together, it provides a protein-packed punch for your hair. But it doesn't stop there -- the dynamic duo also works together as a conditioner, with mayo's oils boosting your natural shine. This recipe promises silky, volumized and thick tresses!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar


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    Ready for this? Not only does apple cider vinegar help restore your mane's natural shine -- it also fights dandruff. Score! Use this two-part recipe to keep your hair healthy and your hairbrush clean.

  • Olive Oil


    Image via Smabs Sputzer/Flickr

    This olive oil treatment is definitely the easiest way to restore shine to your hair -- and chances are you've already got some EVOO in the house. It adds moisture, shine, and a silky smooth finish to your roots and your ends! You can even add essential oils for fragrance. This quick fix makes enough for two treatments.


  • Avocado


    Image via Public Domain Photos/Flickr

    Avocado is ideal for healing your fried tresses. They are loaded with rich oils that help restore hair to its natural glow. If you're prone to blow-drying, straightening, curling, and using products in your hair, avocados are good hair healers. This short and sweet recipe works wonders on hair (and skin too)!


  • Egg Whites


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    Eggs give your hair a protein-boost that helps it become stronger and less likely to break. Using this treatment also rebuilds damaged locks by filling in the weakened area. Who knew this simple egg recipe was such a staple find!

  • Baking Soda


    Image via [F]oxymoron/Flickr

    Yes, another use for baking soda! If you suffer from dandruff or like to keep your scalp from going dry, this fix works best when rubbed directly into your head. Though your hair might respond by getting a little over oily at first, this baking soda remedy helps to restore your natural oils and gives you a sexy shine!


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