6 Secrets to Shiny, Beautiful Hair You Can Find Right in Your Pantry (PHOTOS)

| Jun 19, 2012 Beauty & Style

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Ladies, I've got some hair envy. I want luscious locks like the "hair so healthy it shines" models on TV. And if I could afford to spend a small fortune (read: my whole savings account), every product guaranteed to give my hair a healthy glow would be mine. Alas, I live in this little realm called reality and that's not a possibility. Sheesh. Bummer.


But since I was dead set on having healthy tresses no matter my budget, I started checking out the ingredients on all those pricey products and whaddya know! -- they're your typical kitchen staples: apple cider vinegarbaking sodaolive oil, and eggs. Which can only mean (drum roll please) ... No. Unnecessary. Spending. OH YEAH!

I know you're thinking: Healthy hair at a fraction of the costCHEAP? AFFORDABLE? Well yup! Here they are -- the 6 simple kitchen ingredients that will give you the silky, shiny locks you've always dreamed about:

Do you have any remedies that help you keep your locks healthy and nourished?

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