6 Ways to Wear This Season's Bold Colorblock Trend (PHOTOS)

clothing rackSometimes, fashion trends can be a little too cray cray for me, like Lady Gaga's shocking dildo heels & Snooki's bedazzled pumps. Then there are some trends that are so spot-on that I can't wait to try 'em! This season's favorite? Colorblocking.

Stars everywhere have been trying out the trend: Sofia Vergara made it look oh-so-sexy and Katy Perry's take was funky and fun. Now I'm dying to do it too! And summertime is the perfect season to mix and match all our favorite hues.

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To make sure you do it right, here are five classy and colorful color-blocking tips that helped me turn my summer wardrobe from drab to fab!


What's your favorite summer fashion staple? 

Image via Mom Smackley/ Flickr

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