Kim Kardashian Actually Looks Classy (and Skinny!) in Italian 'Vogue'

Like most celebrities, Kim Kardashian would be thrilled to be on the cover of seminal fashion magazine Vogue. There's just one problem: The magazine's legendary editor, Anna Wintour, does not appreciate Kim's particular brand of fame. She even went so far as to ban her from attending the fashion world's biggest event, the Met Gala. But this is going to stop Kim from going high style. She appears on the July cover of Italian Vogue. It's the men's version but, hey, it's got Vogue in the title! And Kim looks awesome. 


Kim also appears in a photospread that does the whole La Dolce Vita paparazzi thing. Fellini did it better, but it still works. She also has a short flip cut that makes her scarily like Kris Jenner. But I think it's a flattering cut on her; she has the cheekbones to pull it off.

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The leather and the short hair finally make Kim look sexy in a fashionable way rather than in a serving-drinks-at-Hooters way. I know Kim was a stylist before she was a reality show star, but often her look can verge on the hoochie mama.

One thing I have to say though -- what's up with the Photoshopping? We all know Kim has majorly dangerous curves. She will never be a hipless, boobless Coco Rocha-type model, and that is her appeal. But it looks like much of Kim's curves were erased from these photos. The fashion industry is still far too obsessed with skinniness.

Still, I'd have to say the spread is a success. Not highly original, but fashionable and iconic. Part of having any kind of longetivity in show business is proving you can mix it up a bit, and Kim did. So, take that, Anna!

What do you think of Kim's men's Italian Vogue look?

Image via KimKardashian/Instragram

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