Accessorizing Made Simple for Even the Most Fashion-Challenged Ladies (VIDEO)

I'm a huge fan of the "mom uniform." You know the one ... jeans, a comfy knit shirt, and boots in the winter and a tee, knit skirt, and hippie-looking sandals in the summer. Comfy, doesn't take a lot of fuss to throw together, and appropriate for days that can include business calls, working at the coffeehouse, chasing the kids at the park, and schlepping them to their activities.

However, it's just a little ... or a lot ... boring. I know accessories are a great way to spice up the basics that make up most of my wardrobe, but how to use them in a way that's not going to get in my way or make it look like I'm trying too hard is a huge issue for my fashion-challenged self. Enter Sarah James, of Whoorl fame (and star of a new CafeMomStudios video series); in this video, she explains how accessories can take a the standard mom uniform from yawn to yowza. I cannot over-emphasize how helpful this video is ... read on for tips and to check it out! 


Jewelry: Skip the good stuff and go for inexpensive, statement pieces with a lot of pop. Interesting necklaces, a gold watch with an armload of bangles, or earrings (just watch out if you have a baby or toddlers since they seem to be drawn to those like moths to a flame) give your look personality without a lot of fuss.

Shoes: Unless you're one of those mamas that can rock the platform wedges and still chase your kids, it's flats for daytime. Use color, details, and shape to dress up your outfit. There are about nine bazillion cute flats in stores at all price points right now ... make this trend work for you! And if you have a date night or GNO, swap out the flats for heels and you're in insta-hot mode.

Bag: The bigger and schleppier the bag, the better for those of us who are caring for kids during the day; you need something that will hold wipes, sippy cups or water bottles, books, toy cars, crayons, etc. as well as your stuff. But again, that doesn't mean schlumpy. Sarah carries a chic green hobo bag ... my summer essential is a huge tote in bright pink paisley that holds everything and then some. Again, it's another chance for personality and color. And at night, swap it out for a colorful, stylish clutch ... paring your bag down to essentials for you and you alone will go a long way toward making you feel like a date versus a mama.

Other stuff: Sarah swears by the scarf; I find them hard to wear and if you're bustier they can be way hard to pull off, but they are instant style upgrades. Sunglasses or regular glasses, belts, or even a great lipstick can all add a dash of style to that mom uniform too. See all her tips below.

What's your go-to accessory?

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