You Won't Believe What's in Lady Gaga's New Perfume

Lady Gaga perfume

Looks like none other than Lady Gaga herself is the latest celebrity to her hat into the perfume arena. Photos of Gaga's new perfume, Fame, were leaked onto the Internet midweek, and the modern day queen of pop decided to take to Twitter to comment on it herself saying "Oh you fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you!" Hey, at least she was a good sport about the whole thing.

The bottle looks very Gaga-esque, if you will, with an interestingly designed top. The fluid inside? It's actually black! I would expect nothing less from Mother Monster, really. We're not even at the best part yet, though. Wait until you see the ingredients list!


Ready for it?

  • Tears of Belladonna
  • Crushed heart of tiger orchidea with black veil of incense
  • Pulverized apricot
  • The combinative essence of saffron and honey drops

Those things, they all sound legitimate. Really though, no blood? No meat spice? OK OK, all joking aside -- why couldn't we just be more straight forward with this, eh? Does she mean Belladonna like the American porn star? Or is there some flower called belladonna I just don't know about? From this list, I can't even get a grasp on what this is going to smell like. Is it more flowery? Is there a musk to it? A girl's gotta know!

Alas, I'm just playing with you Gaga. I wouldn't expect anything less from you on your first signature scent. Congrats on becoming a perfumista! Now, if only putting this on would make me instantaneously a major megastar. THAT would be something to write home about.

Would you buy Lady Gaga's perfume?


Image via Splash News

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