Miley Cyrus Gets Dressed & Forgets to Put on Pants. Again.

Miley CyrusNo, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Miley Cyrus forgot to wear pants -- AGAIN. And while her last half-naked white jacket look at the Billboard Music Awards was at least sort of chic and cute -- this flannel shirt really isn't doing anything for her. Actually, it's downright frumpy.

And while it's not a big shock that Miley stepped out wearing nothing but a shirt (and possibly a teeny-tiny pair of shorts underneath that weren't really visible), it does seem strange that she chose to wear this "outfit" while visiting Miami. I can't imagine that June in Miami is anything less than sweltering -- so what was she thinking throwing on a piece of over-sized flannel?! (I'm sweating simply by looking at her.)


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Seriously -- what does Miley have against wearing pants? She would've looked so much more appropriately dressed if she'd thrown on a tank top and a pair of short-shorts, or even a cute little sundress. There are plenty of ways to stay comfortable without looking dumpy. And that flannel just looks so wrong on her -- and it actually makes her look much older than 19.

You'd think now that Miley is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, she'd want to hold her head high and look her best while venturing out in public. It's way too early for her to let herself go -- so let's hope she steps it up a bit and gives pants another try in the near future.

Why do you think Miley insists on dressing this way?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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