Parkour: You Have to See This to Believe It! (VIDEO)

ParkourI'm guessing that most of you haven't heard of Parkour.

According to Wikipedia, it's "a physical discipline and non-competitive sport which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles."

But that doesn't even BEGIN to describe the death-defying madness that is Parkour! Imagine extreme skateboarding- without skateboards- and you begin to get a little bit of an idea.

You seriously have to see what these men and women actually DO to believe it. And you can! I tried Parkour (TRIED being the key word) in the first episode of "I'll Take That Dare- Fitness Edition."

Check out the hilarious results after the jump!


All right, friends- Here's the video!  Be sure and stick around for my BIG SURPRISE at the end:

Are you shaking your head in awe the way I was when I saw these men and women do Parkour for the first time?

It is truly amazing! And incredibly difficult! And contrary to what Oasis says, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT GRANNY TRY PARKOUR. Just sayin'.

Behind the scenes of the video, I have to tell you that I was surprised by how nice and normal the Parkour "crew" was- Watching their videos, I guess I was expecting them to be a closed group of cooler-than-me young people.

I was wrong.

They were warm, friendly, open to newcomers, and their classes, particularly the beginners' classes, include people of all ages and backgrounds. Kids in particular are picking up Parkour- and often, their parents are joining them in classes. I think that's very cool.

Whether you have a kid with you or not, the conditioning alone is worth trying out - It was INTENSE - and I love the Parkour philosophy of exercising with a specific goal in mind (i.e., I want to be able to leap farther/jump higher/run faster), as opposed to just "working out" with no real plan. I totally get that.

If you live in New York, you can go to the same Parkour class I was in! Check out for details.

If you like "I'll Take That Dare," be sure and leave a comment on the YouTube video letting us know! Also, help a sister out-- Consider giving the video a thumbs-up and subscribing to CafeMom Studios on YouTube!

I'll love you forever if you do!

Now, tell me... Would you try Parkour?

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sunny... sunnytxmom

Lindsay, how sore were you the next day?!

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Oh, I was sore! I tried to pace myself, but it was still pretty strenuous.

sunny... sunnytxmom

I have to say, I really enjoy watching all of your new experiences :D

Sidthe Sidthe

I have adored Parkour forever but I have the balance of someone with two broken legs on ice so while I adore it and would love to try it I'll leave it to the ones who aren't quite so balance challenged.

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