Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman Is Now Slinking Around as a Supermodel

Anna ChapmanRemember Anna Chapman? You know -- the woman who was busted back in 2010 for being an undercover Russian spy? (Yeah, that Anna Chapman.) Well, she's making headlines again, but this time it's not because she's engaging in some sort of scandalous behavior. Nope -- Anna Chapman is hitting the runway as a model and showing off some of the very assets that got people talking when the initial incident went down.

Though she was deported from the United States, she's obviously perfectly welcome over in Turkey, where she made her way down the catwalk in a slinky red & black dress -- accompanied by two men dressed as secret agents, of course.


And after taking a good look at the photos of her big runway appearance, it's pretty obvious why she caused such a stir after being found out as a spy. She's absolutely gorgeous, has an amazing figure, and definitely knows how to get noticed and turn heads.

And as it turns out, this particular fashion show wasn't the only place she's been noted for her beauty lately. She's also posed in Maxim magazine, hosted a Russian TV show, and landed other modeling gigs -- all thanks to being outed as a spy. Huh. Espionage really doesn't sound all that risky based on her experience.

To hear more about the spy-ring that made Anna Chapman famous, check out the video clip below.

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Do you think other countries should be leery of letting Anna Chapman work & model for them?


Image via Splash

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