Jennifer Aniston Looks Geeky & Awkward in Never-Before-Seen High School Photos

Jen AnistonAs far as I'm concerned, the world can really be divided into two sets of people. No, not good and evil, though there is that. It can be divided into people who peaked in high school and those who strain to forget high school with every morsel of their being. I fall into the latter category, and after seeing pictures of a pre-Friends, pre-Brad, pre-Justin Jennifer Aniston in high school, I'll bet she does too.


A bunch of photos have surfaced showing Jen as she appeared circa the 1980s at Rudolf Steiner High School in New York. And, let's just say, Jen is perfectly cute but more in the Molly Ringwald girl-the-guy-overlooks way than in the cheerleader-prom-queen way.

Jen's famous straight blonde locks have yet to appear, and in their place is a bushy brunette crop of thick fuzz. Add in brows bushier than her hair, clothes that look like she stole them off a railroad worker or trucker, and her natural nose, and you've got, well, pics that she probably didn't exactly want released.

Nowhere is there a hint that Jen might go on to become the wife of the hottest man in the world. Or win Spike TV's Decade of Hotness award. Or appear on countless magazine covers and be the envy of women everywhere with that adorable face, perfect hair, better-than-Angelina legs, and rocking body. I mean, I'm just ... not ... seeing it. But who wants to peak in high school anyway? Peaking in middle age. Now THAT's impressive.

The good news is that Jen certainly would win the "Most Improved" award at her 25th high school reunion.

Do you think you looked better in high school or now?


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