How Often Do You Shave Your Legs?

schick intuition razor

Photo from Schick Intuition

Shaving...major pain in the you know what, right? We've talked about the hair down there and even manscaping, but I'm talking about the hair on your legs. How furry do you get before taking out the razor? I'll admit, this morning my razor saw a lot of action.


It had been one week since I shaved my legs -- and my hair grows fast! I even use the Schick Intuition, which has a conditioning cream right around the blade, allowing me to skip the step of adding shaving gel to my legs.

There was a funny scene in Sex and the City: The Movie where Samantha rags on Miranda because she hadn't shaved in a while...the ladies joked that you don't shave once you get married and have kids.

If you don't like shaving, you are not alone. A question was posed to CafeMoms about how often we shave our legs and the answers ranged from every day to not in two months.

What about you? How often do you shave your legs?


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