Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Camila Wore a Custom Lace Wedding Dress & We’re Underwhelmed

Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey wedding photosI don't know what it is, but I always forget about Camila Alves. You know who she is, don'tcha? The lucky woman who married hotty hot hottiest Matthew McConaughey over the weekend? You know, the one he has two children, Levi and Vida, with? I'm taken aback by how amazingly gorgeous she is every single time I see a picture of her by Matty's side. Let me tell ya somethin', too, their wedding day was no exception.

The first photos from their big day are in this week's People, and the whole ceremony and celebration look so adorably personal and quaint. But, I know what you really wanna talk about -- the dress. Camila wore a custom designed long-sleeve lace gown from one of her favorite Brazilian designers.

It's beautiful for sure. But I've gotta ask: Would you ever get your dress custom designed? And if so, is THIS Kate Middleton look-alike what you'd want?


There are loads of pros to designing your own dress. The thing will most definitely fit like a glove, and you can pick and choose aspects from all the different dresses you've ever seen and combine them in one gown. Although, knowing me -- I'd want way too many things in the same dress and none of them would go together.

But hello, when I hear the word custom -- I think one thing: $$$$. I mean good for Camila. Matty and her, they have that sort of dough to shell out for a lavish affair involving gorgeousness like that. Something tells me once my big day comes around, though, I'll be on the hunt for a "perfect gown" that already exists, even if part of the reason it's "perfect" is because of the price tag.

Nevertheless, Camila, she did it right. The dress is cute, and it isn't too busy. Oh, and if you're into the whole long-sleeve lace look a la Kate, then it's spot-on. Kudos to the happy couple!

What do you think about Camila's custom-designed gown? Would you ever design your gown from scratch?


Image via People

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