Rihanna Wears Bra as a Top and Embarrasses Herself

rihannaI know she's a huge celebrity and all, but what on earth possessed Rihanna to step out in New York City wearing a strapless bra as a top?! And to make her fashion faux pas even worse, this isn't just any strapless bra. The one she wore is pretty much paper-thin, which made her nipples stick out for the whole world to see.

And unless that's exactly what she was going for -- I think it's safe to say she failed miserably with this particular ensemble. But she must have finally realized she was revealing a bit too much, which is probably why she covered up herself up with a sweatshirt.


I guess I could kind of justify wearing nothing but a bra if it was sweltering hot outside -- but it's actually been fairly cool in the northeast this week. And while temperatures aren't frigid, they certainly aren't warm enough to leave the house half-naked.

But let's put the whole shock factor aside for a second and talk about the bra itself. I get why Rihanna wore it -- I really do. Because I purchased a very similar looking seamless strapless bra a few weekends ago, and I'm in LOVE with that thing. Since there's no underwire, it doesn't cut into your skin or cause bra-line bulge, and it's so comfortable to wear -- under clothes, that is.

I guess I can see where she got tempted to throw it on without a top simply because of the comfort factor. But she could've easily thrown on a sheer button down shirt to make the outfit a little less risque, but just as sexy. Plus, it would've matched her sheer skirt a lot better than that bulky sweatshirt.

Would you ever wear a bra as a top?


Image via Splash

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