Runway Models Are Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down (VIDEO)

runway model failsIt's a deeply troubling epidemic that targets the young and beautiful: Every year dozens of tall, willowy women wearing exquisitely tailored clothing fall down in front of crowds of people. I'm talking about that dreaded phenomenon known as Runway Model Collapse Syndrome.

Don't laugh! This is definitely NOT FUNNY.

In the video below you will witness runway model after runway model falling down on their bony asses. It's just ... so tragic. All those expensive textiles tearing. Those Manolo heels breaking. To say nothing of flawless makeup jobs ruined by a model's devastated tears!


OMG, I'm crying! For all the wrong reasons.

Ahem. Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. Maybe some of these models are just tired. After all, during these fashion weeks, it's just show after show -- and between the shows there are glorious parties. So they're tired, they're hungry (I mean, come on, you know they are), they're wearing really tall shoes, and there's a giant pendulum headed their way. NATASHA, WATCH OUT FOR THE GIANT PENDULUM!

If we all just put our heads together, I know we can beat this epidemic! Let's see, where to start? Lady in red, you might want to re-think the twirl if there's a body of water nearby. Who built the trap door in that light box stage? Let's just all agree to stop building breakable stages. And may I please have a word with the person who created that Cat-in-the-Hat tunic thingy? You forgot to add eye holes, you jerk.

Anyway, I totally feel like pulling on a pair of stilettos now.

Have you ever fallen down in public?


Image via worldwideinterweb/YouTube

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