Newly Engaged Miley Cyrus Wears Pretty Floral Jumpsuit & Finally Looks Respectable

Miley Cyrus\" height=The era of Miley Cyrus is officially upon us. First, the public couldn't get enough of the 19-year-old's workout gear and her interesting diet habits. Now, her engagement to The Last Song co-star hunk Liam Hemsworth is the big-time buzz. Sigh. If only young love could find me with 3.5 carats of beauty attached.

During the Mileytastic era, though, I haven't been a huge fan of her fashion choices. I'm a bit more conservative myself, so her tight getups and midriff baring tanks aren't exactly my speed.

You know what is, though? This floral jumpsuit she wore over the weekend visiting Liam in New Orleans. Seriously, how cute is this?! So flowy and effortless. Could Miley be trading in the belly shirts for one of this season's hottest trends and become respectable?

Please ... say it IS so!


Floral prints are everywhere during the summer months, and I adore 'em! With all things considered, it really is one of the best trends to jump at for women of all shapes and sizes. Whereas I love the whole pop of neon thing that's plaguing stores everywhere, it's not always practical or easy to rock it if you're not screaming for attention. Floral, though? Easy-peasy. 

Miley did this right, too, by keeping the focus on the jumpsuit itself. No blaring accessories, no ridiculous bag. Just her, this fun garment, and an iced beverage to boot. And gee, doesn't Miley look better covered up? So much more mature! So much like ... a soon-to-be bride!

The onesie, understandably, can be a bit intimidating. There are different styles for different body types. If you're an hourglass, opt for something high-waisted. Slim hips? Then drop waist is your goal. Still a little skeptical? Then there's no reason you can't rock this trend in smaller doses. Pair a floral skirt with a bright tank, or a flowy shirt with a pair of denim skinnies. You'll be all about the flower power in no time!

Are you a fan of floral? What about Miley's style?


Image via Splash News

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