Jennifer Aniston Trades Sexy for Frumpy in Justin Theroux’s Baggy Jeans

jennifer aniston justin therouxEvery time I see photos of Jennifer Aniston, I'm always blown away by just how chic and put together she looks, not to mention how perfectly toned her figure is. And that's why I was so shocked to see her arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris with Justin Theroux looking, well -- totally frumpy and blah.

I guess we can't expect her to look picture perfect each and every single time she steps out, but these super baggy jeans really gave the impression that she's fallen into some sort of fashion rut.

Well, either she's in a rut, or she was just feeling a bit lazy on her transatlantic trip.


I guess no one can really fault her for wanting to go the less restrictive route as far as clothing goes while sitting on a plane for hours upon end. (Celebs are allowed to relax too.) 

But after taking an even closer look at the photo, I can't help but wonder if those are actually a pair of Justin's jeans -- not hers. They seem way too baggy in the crotch area to be a pair of women's jeans, unless they're about five sizes too big.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why Jen would wear a pair of pants that big and cover up that amazing bod of hers other than for the sheer comfort factor of traveling in loose clothes. If I looked like her? There's no way I'd hide behind a pair of jeans like that. (I'd probably pick out the tightest pair I could find.) And even if I were traveling halfway across the world -- I'd opt for a pair of fitted yoga pants instead. (She has to have like a zillion pairs, right?)

But if she wasn't simply trying to stay comfy and was attempting to start some sort of new trend -- she failed miserably. Even Angie's right leg had more appeal than these hideous pants.

Do you think those jeans belong to Jen -- or did she borrow them from Justin? What do you think of her loose-fitting style?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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