Rihanna Doesn't Need a Butt Double in Sexy Armani Ad

rihanna armani adWe can all agree that Rihanna has a killer, KILLER body, right? Right. I'm guessing that she's got to work out big-time to keep that fit bod trim and slim. And when you work that hard and you look that good, it's nice to give yourself a little treat. And boy, does Lady RiRi know how to treat herself ...

Instead of indulging in some sinfully delicious, calorie-packed chocolate cake (like I would have done), Rihanna went for a different kind of treat -- she snagged herself the new Emporio Armani ad.

I know it comes as no surprise that Rihanna looks H-O-T-T in this steamy commercial -- in which she's frolicking around in her underwear most of the time -- but I've got some news that will shock you: apparently, the derriere we see in the ad doesn't belong to Rihanna. Wait, what!?!?!?!


I say no, wrong, erroneous. ERR-ON-E-OUS. Can't be true.

We're talking about Rihanna here. You know, the pop singer who's famous for her risque songs and even riskier outfit choices? Yeah, you remember now, don't you?

Even though Jahnassa Aicken -- the Irish model who allegedly signed on as the singer's body double for the ad -- is a beautiful woman, I'm just not buying into all the buzz. You can even catch several glimpses of RiRi's hidden tattoos throughout the commercial if you look closely enough. She's gorgeous, confident, and wildly feminine -- yup, the girl has got it going on!

Why would Rihanna even agree to star in the ad if she wants to shy away from being in it? It just doesn't make sense. RiRi is definitely smart enough to know that sex sells, and when she's involved, it sells QUICKLY!

I'm just happy to see a powerhouse like Rihanna make feeling sexy look so effortless. She has a fantastic, feminine figure -- and girls who look and feel anywhere close to that good should be so proud of their bodies and themselves!

In case you missed the ad, here it is:

Do you think this is really Rihanna, or are you convinced a body double was used?


Image via Flight1403/YouTube

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