Carrying a Fake Designer Bag Makes You a Big, Fat Liar

gucci bagYou may want to get a close look at the lining of a woman's purse before you decide to become friends. In a new book titled The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone -- Including Ourselves, professor and author Dan Ariely makes an interesting connection between carrying fake designer bags and lying. His research found that women and men who were OK making people believe that their Gocci bag was really a Gucci bag were more inclined to lie, cheat, and steal in all other facets of life. The crux being that if you can cheat the real designers out of money, and fool yourself and others into thinking you can afford something you can't, then your moral compass is likely compromised in more areas than just that one.


Who knew that a fake bag could say so much about a person? I'll admit I've carried a black market purse or two in my day. I was in college when I got a fake Dior bag. I suppose the reason I carried it was a combination of wanting to look cool, wanting to look stylish, and wanting to let people know that I had an appreciation for style and luxury, even though I couldn't afford it. I mean, when your only source of income is a babysitting gig and all your disposable income goes to warm cans of Miller Lite, a Dior bag is solidly out of the question.

I get that carrying that bag made me a liar, but I think the main motivation wasn't to deceive people and make them think I was wealthier than I was, I think I wanted the bag to display, albeit illegally, that I was into fashion. And it wasn't the (fake) Dior label that tickled my fancy, it was the design, the shape, the color, the hardware, the size, the way it fell, the way it felt, and the way it made me feel that got me going. I used the purse to show off my self-proclaimed eye for style, not to pretend I was rich.

Maybe I'm starting to sound even more guilty by justifying my reasons for carrying a contraband bag of lies. That's not good.

Point is, if you're a cold hard facts kinda lady, you might want to stay away from fake-bag-wearing women. Basically they're (we're?) all liar, liar pants on fire. Just, you know, maybe cut a girl a break if it was an experimental phase in college, K?

Have you ever worn a fake designer bag? What do you think of people who do?


Photo via queenbeeofbeverlyhills/Flickr

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