'Mad Men' Season 5's Hottest & Most Heinous Retro Fashion (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Jun 11, 2012 Beauty & Style

megan at the codfish ball season fiveMad Men's season five finale aired last night, and for all of us Mad Men fangirls and fanboys, that can only mean one thing: Total withdrawal symptoms are not far off. Come next Sunday night, we're going to be craving our weekly dose of Don Draper, sure, but also of all the gorgeous or sometimes downright wacky period fashion. This season was replete with what costumer Janie Bryant calls Joan's signature brightly colored "1950s wiggle dresses," Peggy coming into her own with some bold numbers, Betty's drab or conservative choices linked to her weight gain, and the shining star: Megan, in all her mod, precisely of-the-moment glory. Sigh.

In honor of the finale, here's the grooviest and cringe-worthiest looks from season five ...

Which costume was your most and least favorite this season?

Image via AMC

  • Megan's Sexy LBD


    Image via AMC

    Who could forget these classic and stunning little numbers? Both Megan's performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou" and her cape-sleeved little black minidress will go down in Mad Men history.

  • Peggy's Transformative Mod Look


    Image via AMC

    All season, Peggy has seemingly experienced a metamorphosis, breaking out on her own. This bold vintage outfit she wears to her big interview with a competing ad agency speaks volumes about her readiness to strike out on her own.

  • Joan's a Hot Mama in Bright Pink


    Image via AMC

    Joan returns to SDCP with baby in tow and re-claims her rightful spotlight by wearing a gorgeous hot pink shift. Love when a redhead can pull off bright pink!

  • Sally Draper's Grown-Up Go-Go Style


    Image via AMC

    This season, Sally Draper grew up ... and had the go-go boots and mini to prove it. How memorable was this look?! Adored it. Even though, ultimately, Don wouldn't allow Sally to wear the boots -- or makeup -- to the advertising awards banquet.

  • Jane, the Former Mrs. Roger Sterling, Always Looks Impeccable


    Image via AMC

    While tuning in, turning on, and dropping out, Jane looks like an white hot 1966 version of Princess Leia.

  • Megan Draper's Casual Chic


    Image via AMC

    Even when lazin' around, looking for parts or memorizing lines for an audition, Megan managed to look incredibly chic with her scarf headbands and pedal pusher pants.

  • Pete's Plaid Disaster


    Image via AMC

    Pete's eyesore plaid suit made a fittingly slimy impression.

  • Betty Draper Goes From Classic to Clowny


    Image via AMC

    Betty's struggle with emotional overeating -- and January Jones' pregnancy -- led to the character's weight gain and frumpy fashion this season. This top with the pom poms on the sleeves was one of the barfiest by far.

  • Betty Draper's Horrid Ski Sweater


    Image via AMC

    This fashion "don't," my friends, is what happens when you divorce yourself from Don Draper's glamorous world and enter Harry Francis's boring one.

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