Jennifer Aniston Wears a Sky High Slit Better Than Angelina Jolie

jennifer anistonWell, it looks like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have more in common than we thought.

They both can rock sexy, thigh-baring slits too.

Aniston stepped out to the 40th annual AFI Life Achievement Awards to honor her Rumor Has It co-star Shirley MacLaine, and she was rocking an amazing white Burberry gown.

She clearly took a style cue from archenemy Angelina, who everyone thinks is the master of the leggy look. Though, Aniston definitely made it her own. And let's be honest, Jolie can't pull off that kind of cleavage!

It's certainly a big style switch for the Horrible Bosses star. We are used to seeing her in skintight and super short frocks. She looked amazing in that leather number at the MTV Movie Awards, but this fresh, elegant gown was a nice departure. Aniston obviously shines in whatever she slips on. 

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's look?


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jennifer aniston, angelina jolie


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nonmember avatar kaerae

O goody! Another Angie vs. Jen article. This feud is so fresh, so exciting, so relevant, I have NO idea why the rest of the world stopped writing about it 5 years ago. ....ENOUGH!!!!!

Water... Water_geM

really, you're gonna do this...arent you a petty bitch?


butte... butterflyfreak

Just ONCE I'd like to read an article on The Stir that has ONLY Jen or ONLY Angeline. Why do you silly twits continue to insist on writing about both as if this whole stupid feud hasn't been done and over for YEARS!

John Luma

Yeah, here's another important internet article that really adds value to our lives!

Kasia Taylor

Really? This "debate" is still going on? Okay, I'll just come out and say what most people think: Aniston is a boring, plain jane, has-been and I can't even understand how she gets acting rolls, and Jolie...Well let's just call a goddess a goddess. Also, Jolie has a rocking bod even after having 2 kids. She's also incredibly talented and intelligent, and she cares about the world she lives in and the people in it. Aniston? Just always wanna say..."Who?" Other than Friends I can't recall the name of a single thing she's been in, even though I know she's been in a lot. She's just so BORING. And maybe it is the media, but I get the impression she is a whiner who can't let go of a failed relationship.

nonmember avatar Curves

I really do not see how anybody can compare these two, first of all why does our opinion matter, they don't know who we are, second to berate any woman because of personal statue would be hypocritical of all womans standards. Look at your own self and see how they would rate you. We need to stop always woman bashing other women just because you dont like them, 99% of comments are written off of hear say and what we read. Both of these women are beautiful inside and out just like GOD made use to be. I don't know either one, but if I had children and they read the things people said about my mother it would hurt....

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