Have a Close 'Encounter' of the Alexander Skarsgard Kind

alexander skarsgard encounterSo remember yesterday, when the news broke about Alexander Skarsgard being the new face of Calvin Klein's men's fragrance? And we were all, Omg, at last we'll be able to douse ourselves in Eau d'ASkars and we'll finally know what he smells like and SQUEEE!!

But we still didn't know the name of Alexander Skarsgard's signature scent. And frankly, the not knowing was eating us alive.

Well, my fellow worshippers at the altar of Askars, now we know.

Would you like to have an "Encounter" with Alexander Skarsgard??


Um, YEAH. Yeah, I sorta kinda would.

Are you insane? Why would you even ask such a question?

So of course now that Alexander Skarsgard is a men's fragrance icon, there's pretty much no need for any other men's fragrance to even exist. Nice knowin' ya, Polo. Buh-bye, Acqua di Gio Pour Homme.

I'm gonna go have myself a Close Encounter of the ASkars Kind.

What do you think of this smokin' hot Encounter ad with Alexander Skarsgard? (And some irrelevant girl model.)

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