Miley Cyrus' Engagement Ring Can Be Yours Already (Surprise Surprise)

Miley Cyrus Engagement Ring Look-AlikeMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been engaged for almost a week now. You know what that means, rightio? Mhm, it's time for the copycat engagement rings to start making their way on the market. Heck, would you expect anything less? It happened with Kate Middleton's ring. It happened with Bella's wedding dress (because Twilight is so totally REAL life). It happened with Angelina's ring.

Rejoice, my friends, because I KNOW you want this shiner. You too can own a ring JUST like Miley's from jeweler Gemvera. And by just like hers, I mean it's sort of like hers. Minus about three carats or so.

Just how much is this look-alike going to cost ya? Let's look at the specs, shall we?


Ready for it? The Miley Cyrus copycat ring costs a cool $3,589. That's not so bad though, right? The sad news? With a total of 34 gemstones packed in there (wowza!), the ring is still only 0.7 carats. Womp womp. A little disappointing. But hey, throw on some yoga pants and a belly shirt and you'll be ALL set to channel your inner Disney child star! What else could a woman want!? Swoooon!

OK, so I'm kidding. I think the ring itself is pretty. Heck, I genuinely REALLY like Miley's actual engagement ring. But to be real, whenever I do get engaged (years and years from now), I want my engagement ring to be MINE, not someone else's. No matter how much I like a certain celeb's finger bling, I don't think a copycat is something worth snagging up. Would you want to be reminded of Miley each time you look down at your ring finger instead of your hubba hubby? Eh, to each her own.

Which do you like more, the copycat or Miley's real engagement ring?


Image via Gemvara

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