Leighton Meester Goes Makeup Free & Inspires Us to Do It Too

leighton meester cover of luckyDon't you just love a girl who likes the way she looks naturally? I do, I do! Coming home and washing my face is one of the first things I find time to do -- then I open the fridge and devour everything I see. But the makeup? That comes off first.

I also really love it when I see a young, beautiful starlet admit that she prefers to be sans makeup. Ah, just like the rest of us! This month, my favorite Gossip Girl Leighton Meester had some pretty revealing but beautiful secrets to share with Lucky mag about her makeup routine when the cameras aren't rolling. Trust me, these confessions sound nothing like the Blair Waldorf I know and love.


Leighton told Lucky:

I’ve stopped wearing makeup when I’m not working. For a while I thought I had dark circles and bad skin, and then I realized I was seeing myself that way because I didn’t recognize myself anymore without makeup. Now when I wear it, I think I look really weird!”

Oh girl, you're not weird. You're normal, really normal. You're like the rest of us, ya-hoo! I thought I looked strange wearing mascara and lip gloss for the first time myself.

Even though we're not all TV show sensations like Leighton, it's refreshing to know that she doesn't value her beauty only when the cameras are rolling. Some Hollywood divas -- cough, Kim Kardashian, cough -- have even admitted to preferring the done-up version of themselves more than the makeup-free one. All I can say to that is bummer.

I love that Leighton is making it a point to let all her adoring fans know that off-screen, she's far from the Blair Waldorf that we're so used to seeing. I love it even more that on the cover she's wearing next to no makeup and still looking incredible!

It's so freakin' awesome that celebs having been coming clean about their simple beauty routines and their positive body images. Kudos to all my favorite girl celebs that inspire me to feel sexy and beautiful every minute of every day.

If Leighton can look in the mirror and like what she sees, well girls, so can we.

What do you think of Leighton's barely-there beauty regimen?


Image via Lucky

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