Drew Barrymore’s Wedding Dress May Be Chanel But It's Still Ugly (PHOTO)

Drew Barrymore's wedding dressI don't know if any bride has ever looked as happy as momma-to-be Drew Barrymore. For serious -- just look at her giggling on the cover of this week's People! The actress tied the knot this past Saturday with beau Will Kopelman at her California home with A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Jimmy Fallon, and Cameron Diaz in attendance.

OK, so now that all the other deets are out of the way -- it's time to talk about what we all really care about, the dress. Drew rocked a custom white Chanel dress made with organza and muslin along with Chanel accessories.

I'm just gonna come out with it: I'm not a huge fan. What's up with those pleats around the neckline? Maybe since she's going to be a mom, she opted a bit more conservative. But heck, I think she could have done WAY better!

Perhaps this is one of those instances where just because it's designer, it doesn't mean it's beautiful:


Drew looks beautiful at her wedding because she's radiating happiness. I'm not saying the dress is absolutely awful, but I can't help but wonder if the Chanel label was missing from the back lining if she'd love it just as much.

Women everywhere (me included) drool over designer names and big brands. I've been there. I feel like it's a sin not to sweep up a designer item when I find it hidden at a discount store like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. Half the time I'll buy an item out of "OMG!" excitement, and then I'll end up returning it when I realize the only thing I like about it is who makes it. It's like sure I love Michael Kors, but if he made a garbage bag and put his name on it, I'd hope I have the sensibility to resist.

Granted, Chanel is a little more of the big time than MK. Kudos to Drew and Will! Now I'm waiting with bated breath to see how ADORABLE their little one is, even if they won't confirm it.

Do you ever buy things JUST because of who makes them? What did you think of Drew's wedding dress?


Image via People

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