10 Really Bad Tattoos That Remind Us to Think Before We Ink

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Fuck You TattooI don't have any tattoos, though not for any reason more than when I was young and crazy enough to get one, I was too broke to cough up the cash. And now, as I get older, I think any needles I'm brave enough to have someone voluntarily pierce my skin with will be filled with Botox, not ink. I do, however, admire the inked skin of others, and have seen some beautiful works of art. Unfortunately, I've also seen some ridiculously unfortunate atrocities that are nothing short of horrifying.

Let's take a look at some of those, shall we? Including this first one that graces the forehead of a 21-year-old criminal. I'm all for freedom of expression, but wouldn't that just start your day off on the wrong foot every morning when you looked in the mirror? I guess it would be backwards, but still. Here are nine more terrible tattoos that should make you think before you go for the ink.

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Shattered Skull

This guy's tattoo makes his head look as if it has been bashed in. You can see the brain, blood, and everything. Gag.

Bad Love

The sentiment here is lovely, but the spelling really screws it up. "Love Concurs All." Huh.


Oh, yeah, this one is just vile. A man supposedly gave his cheating girlfriend a tattoo of a pile of poop on her back, complete with flies buzzing about it. Talk about a sh*tty thing to do.

Bad Directions

A compass face with North, South, East, and West on one's back isn't a bad idea, unless the directions are in the wrong place, like this one. D'oh!

Hair Tattoos

Hmmm. I suppose at least with these, you could always grow real hair if you got tired of it.

"Sweet Pee" 

Surely, she meant it to read "Sweet Pea," right? This is so funny it makes me want to pee my pants.

A Hairy Situation

Okay, points for creativity on this one that shows a man with clippers going up into a guy's underarm area. But isn't the joke going to get a little old after awhile?

Twilight Taken Too Far

I get the hype, but these things are permanent. Frighteningly, they are seemingly a thing. Let's hope Fifty Shades of Grey doesn't spark a similar trend.

A Lover's Regret

Instead of opting for tattoo removal after an apparent split from "Andy," this woman chose to send a little stronger message instead.

What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen?




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Mandago Mandago

That brain tattoo is awesome. But can I just tell you that this was worse than a slide show? If you can't post any of the pics you're talking about, maybe you shouldn't write an article about them

nonmember avatar KT

The brain tat IS awesome!!

nonmember avatar Yeah

I was just thinking, "Congratulations--you've found something WORSE than the slideshows. Well done."

ZoeyM... ZoeyMariah.

i can't think of a really bad tattoo that i've actually seen in person right now, other than the whole boyfriend/girlfriends name tatted on a person & then they break up... actually i know a man who has the name of every women he's ever been with tattooed on his body ! i forgot about him, it was like 40+ names ! but the one with the poop tattooed on the womens back, i must say that is horrible ! i couldn't imagine doing that to someone, you have to have some balls & alot of hate towards someone to go that far ! ugh, it makes me cringe... the tattoo is so big on her back, nothing will cover that ! LOL that sucks.

Tiger Hunt

The F*CK YOU Tattoo is just stupid! LOL

Lokis... LokisMama

The gunshot wound tat is awesome.  

And honestly, I got a chuckle out of the ex-lovers name one. :D

nonni... nonnie_jo

that poop tattoo, wow what do you do about that? and the middle-aged woman w/ the twilight movie poster is ridiculous.

Waya Adanvdo

The poo tattoo story is actually a hoax. However, I still find it hilarious since I'm a vengeful sort of girl.

Melan... Melanie420

the fuck you tattoo was most likely done in prison, that and the other tats on his face look like prison tattoos, and the twilight tattoos scare me, but I think my husband should get the hair clippers tattoo, I love it, I usually dont judge peoples tats unless its the twilight ones or the people who get the same damn nautical star

marst... marstelja

"Surely, she meant it to read "Sweat Pea," right? This is so funny it makes me want to pee my pants"

I don't think I would want "Sweat Pea" either. "Sweet Pea" maybe, though.

eye rolling

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