Shower With Alexander Skarsgard Any Time You Want

alexander skarsgard calvin kleinTruebies, today is your lucky day. Or maybe tomorrow is, or the next day, but the point is: Alexander Skarsgard is apparently the new face of Calvin Klein's men's fragrance and the campaign will be released in the next few days!! Just in time for Sunday's True Blood Season 5 premiere!!

This is huge, HUGE! Because as you are no doubt aware, the only thing that sucks about staring off into space and daydreaming about Alexander Skarsgard is that while we can conjure up a damn good visual, we really have no way of knowing what the man smells like. We know how he sounds, we know how he moves ... but how does he smell?!

Omg, this is the best news. It's like Christmas and your birthday and New Year's Eve all rolled into one ASkars Holiday Weekend.


I can't wait can't wait can't wait to see the photos ... but I really can't wait to find out which CK men's fragrance ASkars is going to be advertising. Because then we'll have the missing olfactory piece to our Alexander Skarsgard daydream puzzle at last!!

I predict bottles of cologne flying off store shelves at record speeds ... hordes of women wrapping up the boxes in big red bows and giving them to their boyfriends and husbands as gifts "just because."

But it's not our anniversary or anything, is it? Why'd you get me a present?

Shhhh. Let's just keep the real reason to ourselves, ladies.

What do you think Alexander Skarsgard smells like?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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