Kim Kardashian's Sexy Little Black Dress Inspires Us to Find 5 Look-Alikes (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Jun 6, 2012 Celebrities
Kim Kardashian's Sexy Little Black Dress Inspires Us to Find 5 Look-Alikes (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianThe little black dress. Otherwise referred to as fashion's (or god's?) gift to women. If you're a female, it's almost inherent that you not only own the perfect LBD, but you rock it on every occasion possible. Here's Kim Kardashian sporting one at an event earlier in the week. Can you say glamtastic?

You know what I adore about Kimmy's LBD though? It's got a little bit of pizazz. Look at the way one shoulder has a sleeve and the other morphs into a simplistic halter ... I like it. Heck, no one said your go-to black dress had to be average, right? What's that saying? Why be average when you can be extraordinary? Yeah ... you know what I'm saying.

For your viewing pleasure, take a look at these 5 perfect black dresses with that extra WOW factor. Oh, and the best part? They're all under $80!


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  • One-Shoulder Bliss


    Left: $74.25,; right: $70,


    An easy way to jazz up a little black dress is by rockin' a one-shoulder style. I adore the floral detailing on the shoulder on the lefthand dress from Macy's, and the sequins add a bold punch to the right look from JCP.

  • Peek-A-Boo




    From the front, this little black dress looks like your average item. From the back, though, the slitted detail makes for one sexy number perfect for a night out on the town. Not to mention, for $19.80 -- you really can't go wrong.

  • Feelin' Lacy




    Jazz things up with a little bit of lace. This Motel Gina Dress from Urban Outfitters would be pretty regular without the soft white lace detailing. The best part? The lace near the neckline and wrists means you're all set on the accessory front, almost. Toss on a pair of pretty earrings, and you're ready to go.

  • Peppy Peplum



    Adding peplum detailing, like on this Oh My Love bandeau chiffon peplum dress from Asos, is an easy way to make your everyday LBD exciting. Like this style? It's also available in mint and white.

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