'Real Housewife' Adrienne Maloof & Her Husband Are Selling Their Secret to Great Skin

adrienne maloofAnother day, another Housewives product. This latest one is from Adrienne Maloof, and no, it has nothing to do with high heels or glittery hair extensions. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has partnered with her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, on a skin care line. The two collaborated with world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Ron Moy and say their new potion will do something no other anti-aging product does -- repair DNA enzymes, which, resultantly, reduces sun damage.

Between Alexis Couture (laugh), Ramona Pinot Grigio, the Countess' book on class, Zolciak's wigs, Zarin's shapewear, Teresa's "cookbooks", and Lynn's cuff bracelets, this might be the only Housewives' product that makes sense besides Bethenny's Skinnygirl brand.


Call me crazy, but I do think that some level of expertise is smiled upon when trying to hawk a product and I like the fact that Paul and that other plastic surgeon are involved. I feel like they have real knowledge to bring to the table other than the other Housewives who go, "oooh! I like clothes! I should make some!" I mean, please.

Adrienne and Paul say their line will be sold online and will hit retailers soon and I can't wait to try it and see if this stuff does the trick because one, I'm a sucker for all beauty products, and two, I'm a sucker for anything Paul does. He seems like such a nice guy. How could he possibly sell me something that doesn't do what it promises?

We'll see if this cream delivers -- who knows, it could be the miracle elixir we've all been waiting for. Within a matter of weeks we could all have skin tighter than Adrienne's ... and that's saying something.

Think you'll give Adrienne's skincare line a try?


Photo via bravotv.com

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