Tanning Mom Used to Be a Hot Bikini Model Before She Ruined Her Skin

The Internet is buzzing with some astonishing news! Patricia Krentcil, otherwise known as Tanning Mom, used to be HOT. Yes, we all know she is sizzling hot from her five-times-a-week tanning sessions. No, I mean she used to be a babe. Some old photos of Tanning Mom have surfaced, and apparently TM was a bikini model. She also has a porcelain, fresh-faced complexion. No word how old she is in the pics, but I'd say in her 20s. Krentcil is now 44, but appears a lot older, probably as a result of all that tanning.


If you don't believe that the sun can destroy your skin, take a look at this guy. It appears the left side of his face is melting. However, it's because he was a truck driver for 28 years. The left side of his face was constantly exposed to the sun because of the window, but his right face remained in shadow. So one side of his face looks to be in its 60s, the other in its 80s!

But back to Tanning Mom. There's no doubt that TM looks older than your average 44-year-old. But there are other factors besides the sun involved how one ages. Hollywood is filled with spectacular-looking women in their 50s, who likely wouldn't have used SPFs during tanning sessions in their teens.

Genes can definitely play a role in how one ages. I'd love to see what TM's parents look like. Well, actually I wouldn't LOVE to. But for the sake of research, it would be interesting. Additionally, TM has five kids. Hold up, ladies! I'm not saying every mother with a lot of kids ages faster -- but c'mon. That's a lot of stress, and stress ages you. A host of other things are bad for your skin: Smoking, drinking, not sleeping enough, a bad diet.

Still, there is no doubt that if you want to keep your skin as smooth as possible into your older years, sunscreen is a must.

Do you always use sunscreen?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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