Kelly Clarkson's Weight Loss Doesn't Make Her Less Admirable

Kelly Clarkson is one seriously talented star. Almost everyone I know secretly (or not so secretly) admits to loving her music. And with good reason. She is peppy, empowered, and fun to listen to. For many women, she is also something else -- a powerful "curvy woman" role model.

That's why many were disappointed by her recent weight loss. Even though she looks great, it's always a little disconcerting when a person who has said they would never lose weight and don't care about meeting some standard of beauty suddenly drops the poundage.

Still, Clarkson has famously said she never actively tried to lose weight. She is just working out more. And she has promised not to drop any more. She said:


Really, what I try to instill in my fans is to be healthy and happy. I have no desire to be super-skinny.

And what more can we ask for? Sometimes when stars like Jennifer Hudson (or even Jessica Simpson) go from shouting about body confidence at any size to shilling for diet companies, it can be a little painful.

Are we beautiful at any size or is that just something we say until we go on a diet?

The fact is, working out and eating right are less about being hot or fitting a mold than they are about being healthy. If a person is doing all those things, can't they be healthy at any size? Actively TRYING to lose weight does send a message that the only way to look and feel gorgeous is also to be thin.

Personally, I would be more apt to idolize a person like Kelly Clarkson who isn't working for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig and who is merely trying to get healthy than someone like Hudson or Simpson.

Beauty and thinness are weird things because it's true. Clarkson looks better now than she did. But health is about more than weight and appearance. If she hadn't dropped a pound but had started working out more and eating better, she would feel better even if she didn't look "better."

Sure, we need curvy role models in Hollywood and more women with bigger bodies. But we also need models of health and body acceptance regardless of size and I think Clarkson fits that role better than she ever has.

Were you disappointed with Clarkson's weight loss?

Image via Redbook

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