Get a Robert Pattinson & Ryan Gosling Manicure! For Real!

ryan gosling manicureSome people get tattoos of their favorite celebrities, but seriously? That is way too stalkerish. The way to go is getting this ridiculously awesome manicure so you can have Ryan Gosling at your fingertips. 

Hot Man-icure by Rad Nails clearly knows your love for Hey Girl Gosling is sometimes rivaled by the neck-sucking Robert Pattinson. So while Ryan's on your thumb, R-Pattz gets your come hither. And your manicure wouldn't be complete with Pharrell on that sometimes naughty middle finger (keep it down, ladies), Joe Jonas where your wedding ring should be, and Zac Efron wrapped around your pinky.

It's kind of poetic in a way.


Could this be some sort of subliminal message? Is Joe Jonas the one to marry. Pharrell the one to f*&k? I can only guess that would mean Efron would be the one to kill because ... what's the pinky finger for anyway? Oh gosh! We can't kill the adorable Zac. I mean he is like a second-hand Gosling making that movie The Lucky One, which tried but did not succeed at being the next Notebook. But he is a cutie and needs to stick around to satisfy the other girlies while I'm busy with my Ryan. I mean my thumb. I mean ....

Of course, you don't have to wear all the dudes at the same time. These nail wraps come in a set of 20 for $18 so you can actually wear four Goslings at the same time if you can handle it.

Just try to keep your fingers out of your mouth or um ... elsewhere.

Which manicure man is your favorite? Who would you wear/want to marry/whatever the most?


Image via Rad Nails

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