Lindsay Lohan Looks Hot in Liz Taylor’s Bathing Suit in Spite of Nip Slip (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth TaylorI never thought the day would come when I actually praised Lindsay Lohan for her style -- but I really just can't find one bad thing to say about her new Elizabeth Taylor inspired wardrobe. She's been busy filming scenes for her upcoming Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, where she'll take on the role of the iconic actress.

When she was first cast in the film, I wasn't sure she was the right choice to play Liz -- but after seeing her in costume? It's pretty obvious why they picked her. She's the spitting image of Elizabeth, especially in this leopard-print bathing suit.


Doesn't she look gorgeous? The whole retro vibe suits her, and believe it or not, she really seems to have the old Hollywood glamour thing nailed down. And even though she's in the middle of filming scenes, she looks genuinely happy. Whether her smile was part of the act or not, playing Liz may be exactly the kick she needs to get her life and career back on track.

Of course, I guess this wouldn't be a proper LiLo movie shoot without a little bit of drama. And when one of her breasts popped out of her dress in the middle of another scene she was shooting? That pretty much won the award for the wardrobe malfunction to end all wardrobe malfunctions. Nobody likes having a nip slip at the most inopportune moment -- even Lindsay.

Take a look at some footage of Lindsay filming scenes for Liz & Dick in the video clip below.


What do you think of Lindsay as Liz?


Image via Splash

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