Adele Admits She Wears 4 Pairs of Spanx at Once ... and We Can't Breathe (VIDEO)

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AdeleIt feels like Adele has been a little MIA lately, no? I mean, I really can't blame her. Heck, it's got to be an eensy bit overwhelming to literally blow up on the music scene like she did throughout the past year. The good news? She's baaaaack. The singer performed live for an NBC special "Adele Live in London" on Sunday night and sat down with Today anchor Matt Lauer for an exclusive interview.

The 24-year-old songbird reflected on how awesome it was to take home six awards at this years Grammys, and even got to blabbing about her ensemble from the big night. Sure, I loved the sparkly black dress she wore, but what I found most interesting was Adele admitting to Matt that she wore FOUR pairs of Spanx underneath. FOUR. One, two, three, FOUR.

Wow. I'm having a hard time breathing just thinking about it, myself.

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good pair of Spanx. Heck, what woman doesn't? The way that they smooth everything over and make your tush looked toned -- it's a dream. However, four pairs? Under ONE dress? Don't you think that's a tad bit excessive?

I mean, Kudos to Adele. To be real, she looked fab that night -- and the plethora of Spanx did get the singer a lot of press for a possible "slim down." However, I don't care how many people are snapping my photo, I'll never EVER be driven to possible suffocation for a good snapshot.

Watch part of Adele's interview with Matt Lauer, here:

Are you a fan of Spanx? Would you ever try slipping into FOUR pairs at once?


Image via RawFootageJA/YouTube

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tigge... tigger238

I think it's odd that she would wear not one but four spanx. She's always talking about how confident she is in her own body but I guess not.

nonmember avatar Jill

I AM a fan of Spanx. However,I agree w/ the writer. I refuse to suffocate myself for a pretty pic..when I wear ONE pair of spanx, its a bit uncomfortable when I sit for long periods of time. I dont see how she does it...

jonellg jonellg

one works for me lol

Pinst... Pinstripes4

I love Spanx! Taking care of VPL and the swollen after-dinner tummy is all in a day's work. But wearing four pairs of Spanx would mean emergency medical services might have to amputate my legs from lack of circulation.

nonmember avatar kaerae

How sad to be that successful and still not comfortable in your own skin. Maybe it's just me, but that sounds a hell of a lot more painful than jogging a few miles...

PonyC... PonyChaser

God forbid the woman flaunts what she has, and screw the haters. She has an incredible voice. THAT is what the story should be about, not how she's trying to fit into some ridiculous image of what she "should" look like.

nonmember avatar Shelly

PonyChaser - Shouldn't you be irritated with HER, for buying into the "ridiculous image of what she should look like?" SHE was hardly flaunting, actually...SHE was hiding behind 4 pairs of spanx! I hardly call that flaunting, or being proud of anything she has. I think your anger, is a bit misguided.


No matter who you are, if you need 4 pair of Spanx under your dress, I think a bigger size dress may be a better answer.

Adele's awesome- love her voice.

emmas... emmasmama2007

I agree with kaerae and KBW2

If she's that uncomfortable with her body she can just excersise, or get a bigger dress. 

fraoch fraoch

Big girls in the acting industry do this, all of them do. It's not shocking news. Hell, beyonce who's built perfectly (to me anyway) wears 2 pair. It's just a way to keep it all in all night.

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