Mary-Kate Olsen Dyes Her Hair So Now We Can Tell Her & Ashley Apart (VIDEO)

mary kate ashely olsenThe Olsen twins may have grown up wondering "whatever happened to predictability," but now that they're 25, there are a couple things they can count on, not the least of which is their sense of style. The CFDAs were last night and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took home the top honor of the night, the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award, for their luxury label, The Row. Dubbed Fashion's Oscars, the CFDAs are a huge deal to anyone in the garment industry and it sounds like MK and A were appropriately honored and gracious when they accepted their prize.

There was one thing, though, that may have overshadowed the twins' accolade ... notice anything different about Mary-Kate?


She dyed her hair brown for the event and I have to say, she looks great as a brunette. It's not the first time she's gone darker, but it might be her most successful hair transformation yet. I think she looks awesome.

And I like their outfits, too. Even though I'd like to see them in something a little less blanket-y, I think the ladies look chic, elegant, and sophisticated. And the fact that Ashley showed her teeth while smiling, well, I mean, that's all one can really hope for. An Olsen showing emotion is about as rare as an Emma Stone not showing emotion.

All in all, the CFDAs seemed like a huge success for everyone's favorite miniature designers. They took home the top prize, they showed off their hair and their teeth, and they got to see host Seth Meyers in the see-through Commes des Garçons "dress" that Marc Jacobs made famous at the Met ball. Win, win, and double win.

Do you like MK and A's sense of style? Like MK as a brunette?

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Photo via Splash News

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