Miss USA Olivia Culpo Covers Up Her Cleavage & Still Takes the Crown (VIDEO)

miss usa winning the crown

Sorry beauty queens, your reign is over! Last night Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss USA 2012. And would ya believe that the former Miss Rhode Island won the title in a sparkling, conservative gown -- and told judges she supported transgender women winning future Miss USA pageants in light of the recent change of rules making it possible. Uh huh, that's right. Miss USA still believes that you don't have to show it all to know it all and it's a F-R-E-E country. You go, girl!

I can't decide if I was more taken aback by her covered-up, ladylike look or her mature responses in the make-or-break interview round. But I have to admit when I saw her strut across the stage in that fuchsia dress, my jaw dropped -- no flashy, sexy, sheer number here! Instead, we can finally look forward to Miss USA representing the role model that young girls need.


The gown was perfect. No high slits, no barely-there backs, no deep cleavage cuts that make you hold your breath. Her dress exuded elegance, professionalism, and class. It covered all the right areas, showed the right amount of skin, and told us all that Olivia Culpo has more to celebrate than just boobs. The girl's got BRAINS. Aspirations. Goals. Values. Woo!

At the end of the show I was waving goodbye to the va va voom sex appeal that's always been synonymous with the Miss USA pageant and ushering in a new generation of sexy -- women who know how to make their brains equally as appealing as their bodies.

I hope girls everywhere are listening. And if they're not, I hope their mothers are. Or even their friends. Hell, I'll take any listening ears. Olivia Culpo and other women who dazzle us with their brains are the types of females we should aspire to be. These are the kinds of women we should be rooting for.

In case you missed it, here is Miss USA 2012:

Did you like Miss USA 2012's gown choice? Do you think that girls should admire this kind of beauty?

Image via madhavel/YouTube

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