Jennifer Aniston Looked Like a 'Dirtbag' at MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)

Last night's MTV Movie Awards taught me two things. One, I'm not young anymore, and two, leather dresses do not look that good on camera. The former realization came when I covered my ears because I felt like Russell Brand was yelling at me (why was he so loud?!) and the latter occurred to me when I saw Jennifer Aniston. The gorgeous star accepted the popcorn trophy for Best On-Screen Dirtbag for her role in Horrible Bosses and wore a tight, off-the-shoulder black leather mini-dress.

In photos, the dress looked great, but on camera, it was a different story.


It felt a little one-dimensional and stiff. Her figure looked awesome in the dress -- her body can't stop, won't stop -- but I've seen my girl look better. I know the whole leather thing is on trend, but I love when Jen wears color.

Who knows, maybe Jen wore the badass outfit to go with her nomination in the Dirtbag category. I bet dirtbags love leather. And motorcycles. And bags of popcorn. And bags of dirt.

Jen sat next to Elizabeth Banks at the ceremony, who rocked an Elie Saab cut-out pantsuit. She and Jen were certainly a tough-looking duo in their edgy gear. I have to wonder if Jen's category was called first so she could get in and out of there in a jiffy -- I bet it was hard to breathe in that leather dress. Ugh. And the sweating. There had to have been some uncomfortable wet spots.

So! What did you think of Jen's dress?

Photo via Splash News

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